How To Upload Photos To Google Drive Over Phone Browser Easily

1. First open your browser and go to .

2. Click on Sign In on the top right corner (if you are not logged in already).

3. Now click on the blocks icon on top right corner.

4. You will get many options. Choose Drive.

5. It will load the mobile version of Google Drive. Now go to the menu on the top left corner.

6. Sweep downwards and choose Desktop version.

7. This will load the desktop version of Google Drive but everything is too small. Now double-tap on a blank space on the left.

8. This will zoom in the screen. Sweep upwards, look for the New button and click on it.

9. You will get new choices. Choose File upload.

10. This will let you choose where to upload from. Choose your photo album and upload your desired pictures.

Thank You. Good Luck.